The Dragon Gate Club

Some of you may know how we came about selecting a name for this group, as you helped us choose a name that would be most suitable for usage as the name of our alumni club.

As we wander through life, most of us are stopped at gates that we must pass through in order to accelerate to the next stage in our lives. These gates are often guarded by dragons, some of which make passage through these gates extremely difficult. Professor Itoh (whose first name Tatsuo means Dragonman) would like to be considered as someone who helps you through these gates; as someone who is fair, on your side, and who helps you pass through some of these barriers. His dedication to his students does not end once they have passed this particular stage in life, but continues long into their professional lives.

This group was created for the purpose for staying in touch with our alumni and to help with informing each other of what one does after graduation, particularly the question of where one goes after one's schooling is complete. Our office should be in your minds as the center of a network for information, help, and connections within the group. Our organization will also put out a regular newsletter to help make our goals possible. In each newsletter, we would like to write a short story about a past student, his or her life, successes, and advice that he/she can impart to others. Please contact us at anytime you have some good news, bad news, or just even to chat. :)

Please feel free to contact us by email with your suggestions and comments.